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A. Dürer - A Királyok imádása

A. Dürer - A Királyok imádása003332


Albrecht Dürer - The Adoration of the Kings

Additional Information: painting from German painter Albrecht Dürer
Country: Hungary   [Magyarország]
Publisher: Magyar Posta
Year: 1978 Printed value: 60
Found copies: 0 Found set items: 0
Stamp-ID: 003332 Stamp collection: Yvonne
Views: 3903 Comments 3
Info Links: About painter Albrecht Dürer |ürer
Related tags: Society | Art | Religion | Christianity | Painting
Online since: 2013-03-30
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Comments (latest first)

Figueiredo2017-07-16 01:44:25 "Eu tenho este selo a mais ou menos 25 anos guardado "
Bear2016-12-23 23:49:57 "I believe I have a copy of this stamp"
paresh shah2013-12-18 13:51:24 "dear sir, i have 745 pcs.sheets (30400 pcs.) of magyar posta (hungary) beetween 1971 to 1990 i want to sell this`s in fine condition. reply me."
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