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Home Royal Imperial Austria Stamp-ID 2487

Kaiserliche Königliche Österreichische Post

Kaiserliche Königliche Österreichische Post002487


Imperial Royal Austrian Post

Country: Royal Imperial Austria / Royal Imperial Austria (Austria)   [Kaiserliches Königliches Österreich]
Year: 1916 Printed value: 2 Kronen
Found copies: 0 Found set items: 0
Stamp-ID: 002487 Stamp collection: FriedrichF
Views: 14769 Comments 2
Artists: Rudolf Junk
Related tags: Historical stamps
Online since: 2012-04-15

Comments (latest first)

Jamie2015-02-08 05:42:40 "Hello, I recently found my great grandfather`s stamp collection and this stamp was with the collection. Is this stamp worth a lot? It says on the page there are 0 copies found, so I`m assuming it`s rare. I`m going through the rest now so some feedback on this stamp would be nice. "
Ezequiel2013-08-23 21:13:12 "I have this stamp. Do you have any idea of the current price? Tank you! Ezequiel form Argentina"

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