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Home West Germany Stamp-ID 2662

Kind und Straßenverkehr

Kind und Straßenverkehr002662


child and road traffic

Country: Federal Republic of Germany / West Germany (Germany)   [Bundesrepublik Deutschland]
Publisher: Deutsche Bundespost
Year: 1983 Printed value: 80 Pfennig
Found copies: 0 Found set items: 0
Stamp-ID: 002662 Stamp collection: OldStamps
Views: 2875 Comments 2
Related tags: Society | Vehicles and Traffic
Online since: 2012-04-22

Comments (latest first)

None2015-11-27 15:05:42 "i have this stamp in my collection is there any value on it "
da408angelbradda2015-02-18 23:38:48 "Item is preserved on a post-card--->>Romantik-Frohsinn-Edelwein Rudesheim am Rhein post-dated stamp 18.8.83 with another stamp that looks like a train stamped in black drawing of a hot air ballooon Gesundheit...."

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