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Home West Germany Stamp-ID 2461

Schloss Glücksburg

Schloss Glücksburg002461


Glücksburg Castle

Country: Federal Republic of Germany / West Germany (Germany)   [Bundesrepublik Deutschland]
Publisher: Deutsche Bundespost
Year: 1983 Printed value: 10 Pfennig
Found copies: 0 Found set items: 0
Stamp-ID: 002461 Stamp collection: Blautanne
Views: 7330 Comments 4
Info Links: About Glücksburg Castle |ücksburg_Castle
Related tags: Environment | Buildings | Castle
Online since: 2012-03-25

Comments (latest first)

da408angelbradda2015-02-18 06:16:00 "2 Postcards with stamp Aug.31 1983"
zlB5372013-06-13 07:12:35 "aku punya yg 10 phennig, jika dapat memberikan penawaran dngan harga yg relevan dan pantas di utarakan bisa call ke +6285871580537 ( indonesian langguage ajah )"
Devlin2013-05-12 07:57:10 "i also have a set of 4 of these stamps and i too am wondering what their value is? can anyone help?"
Walter2012-07-14 05:41:16 "I have a series of four of these stamps still connected to each other and in uncirculated mint condition. What is their value?"

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