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Stift Melk
Stift Melk
Stift Melk

Stift Melk001480


Melk Abbey

Country: Austria   [Republik Österreich]
Year: 1963 Printed value: 20 S
Found copies: 2 Found set items: 0
Stamp-ID: 001480 Stamp collection: FriedrichF
Views: 8120 Comments 4
Artists: A. Pilch | R. Toth
Info Links: About Melk Abbey |
Related tags: Environment | Buildings | Church / Cathedral
Online since: 2011-12-06

Comments (latest first)

Riley2015-04-15 08:52:48 "I have one of these stamps, I wish to learn the value of and possible sell."
Sha2013-04-28 17:21:31 "I have the same stamp and wish to sell it. What is the value?"
Kawrm2012-12-11 21:32:57 "What year and Scotts catalog number is this stamp ?"
Kinetic2012-11-07 19:53:19 "I Have this one IN MINT Condition 10 Points, anything let me know. thanks"

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