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na 001371


China - horse-drawn carriage

Country: China   [中国]
Year: 1956 Printed value: 8
Found copies: 0 Found set items: 0
Stamp-ID: 001371 Stamp collection: OldStamps
Views: 4423 Comments 1
Related tags: Uncategorized
Online since: 2011-12-06

Comments (latest first)

Muriel2012-05-16 16:00:37 "Hello! I`ve one sort of this stamp whith same color but in the picture there is a lot of body like soldiers and a tank. The value is same, and the year is 1957. An other stampis green color with peoples who look like soldiers and country peoples, the value`s stamp is :4. The is year 1927... Could you tell me how much ther are? Thank`s and best regards"

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