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Home Czechoslovakia Stamp-ID 986




unknown person

Country: Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic)   [Československo]
Year: na Printed value: 1 Kcs
Found copies: 0 Found set items: 0
Stamp-ID: 000986 Stamp collection: OldStamps
Views: 4849 Comments 8
Related tags: Historical stamps | Society | People
Online since: 2011-12-06

Comments (latest first)

Viv2017-01-16 17:08:43 "I have thes e stamps the same but very tiny writing on the underline,hinged thick paper types. self seal ,does anybody no value or info on Czech post plz."
sarde2016-07-28 01:01:02 "Person on the stamp is Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk - first president of Czechoslovakia. "
rickl2016-07-20 16:28:54 "I have this stamp post marked plus other all in excellent condition. Do you h ave a value for this stamp. I don`t see my other stamps in your web page. Thank you #000986"
Varduca_Pericle2013-04-27 09:20:04 "I have the same stamp, it is from the 1935 or 1936, don`t know for sure. Mine is also post marked. I am currently selling it, anyone interested ? PS: I have many other stamps"
O`B 12012-09-13 17:39:52 "I have the exact same stamp, and I am trying to deermine its value! It has been postmarked, almost exactly in the same postion as the one illustrated! Anyone out there have an answer? Thanks"
budgie2012-09-01 10:22:02 "We have one of these stamps on a letter dated 1939. Are you interested in buying it. Hoping to hear from you Bridget Willis"
OldStamps2011-12-05 21:51:56 "Does anyone have any information about this person or stamp? Please help me."
JJ2011-12-01 20:05:23 "I have one!"

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