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Home Deutsches Reich Stamp-ID 731

Deutsches Reich - Inflation

Deutsches Reich - Inflation 000731


German Empire - Inflation

Country: German Empire / Deutsches Reich (Germany)   [Deutsches Reich]
Year: 1921 Printed value: 2 Mio Mark
Found copies: 0 Found set items: 2 (View set)
Stamp-ID: 000731 Stamp collection: OldStamps
Views: 14713 Comments 7
Related tags: Historical stamps
Online since: 2011-12-06

Comments (latest first)

Heidi2017-02-09 12:53:17 "Do these "inflated" stamps have a higher value than they would if they were not "inflated"? And if so is the difference significant or not really?"
robbo2016-06-01 00:59:32 "ihave the 2 millionen overprint on 200marks stamp im tryin tofind its value along with a 30 tausend overprint on another 200mark this is ablue stamp any ideas roughly ibelieve they r ment to be quite valueable "
belinda2015-04-08 06:44:15 "i have this stamp and also 2 green ones with 1 and 50 million, what is their value please?"
di2014-05-26 17:30:22 "Does this stamp have any value? If so how much? "
sousa_19502014-02-15 00:26:13 "I have this stamp"
albe2013-02-18 20:59:06 "i heave dis stamp vhit black leters"
albe2013-02-18 20:51:13 "as turiu sy zenkla su juodu antspaudu 20 ir uzrasas gaufend"

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Deutsches Reich - Inflation

German Empire - Inflation

Labeled: Deutsches Reich - Inflation
Country: Deutsches Reich / German Empire / DR (Germany)
Year: 1921 Printed value: 75.000 Mark
Found copies: 0 Found set items: 2 (View set)
Stamp-ID: 730 Stamp collection: OldStamps
Comments: 3 Views: 4973
Online since: 2011-12-06

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