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Tampere 1973

Tampere 1973003068

Additional Information: This is a rare triangle stamp from Hungary: canoe sprint world championships 1973
Country: Hungary   [Magyarország]
Publisher: Magyar posta
Year: 1973 Printed value: 80 f
Found copies: 0 Found set items: 2 (View set)
Stamp-ID: 003068 Stamp collection: Yvonne
Views: 3798 Comments 2
Artists: Vertel József
Info Links: About Tampere |
About canoe sprint world championships |
Related tags: Events | Sports
Online since: 2013-03-19

Comments (latest first)

Jerry2014-12-18 01:51:50 "I have this stamp and much more in mint condition. Also Olympic mint 1960-1978 Hungary Also JFK 1963 Mint stamps after the Assasination .First day issues with mint postcard inherited nice collection of mostly Hungarian from the 60`s 95% mint Have not idea if has value , or just beautiful to look at Thanks"
Richard2013-05-12 02:45:53 "I have one of these stamps in a collection. Would anybody be interested in it?"

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Tampere 1973

Tampere 1973

Country: Hungary (Magyarország)
Year: 1973 Printed value: 40 f
Found copies: 0 Found set items: 2 (View set)
Stamp-ID: 2354 Stamp collection: Blautanne
Comments: 1 Views: 7643
Online since: 2012-03-22
Artists: Vertel Jósef

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