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Home Royal Imperial Austria Stamp-ID 3132

Kaiser Franz Joseph

Kaiser Franz Joseph003132


Emperor Franz Joseph

Country: Royal Imperial Austria / Royal Imperial Austria (Austria)   [Kaiserliches Königliches Österreich]
Year: 1874 Printed value: 5 Kreuzer
Found copies: 0 Found set items: 0
Stamp-ID: 003132 Stamp collection: OldStamps
Views: 4375 Comments 4
Info Links: About Franz Joseph I of Austria |
Related tags: Society | People | Royal
Online since: 2013-03-22

Comments (latest first)

amina1232016-03-26 17:22:48 "I have one stamp of Franz Joseph from 1874 can you please tell me how much is the stamp worthy?thank you very much"
imadoux2016-03-24 23:44:33 "any pesonne have information conserne the price of this stamp,please tell me at i have olso the blue one 10kr, and the green one 3 kr.thanks"
Robert Leandro2016-02-16 19:58:04 "I have this stamp and it`s in very good condition anyone interested can contact me at my email:"
tintin2015-12-16 22:04:48 "I have the same stamp used but in a perfect shape anyone know more about it and its value and availability "

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