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Home India Stamp-ID 3634

India Postage - One Anna Three Pies

India Postage - One Anna Three Pies003634

Additional Information: This stamp shows King Georges V
Country: India   [हिंदुस्तान]
Year: 1927 Printed value: 1A 3Ps
Found copies: 0 Found set items: 0
Stamp-ID: 003634 Stamp collection: OldStamps
Views: 7736 Comments 1
Info Links: About George V |
Related tags: Historical stamps | Society | People | Royal
Online since: 2014-11-26

Comments (latest first)

Trudi2015-08-15 08:41:41 "Good morning I think I have this stamp in an old Stanley Gibbons Swiftsure Expanding stamp album. It is exactly the same as the picture of the Indian stamp above. Could you please tell me it`s value if possible. Thankyou for your help Kind regards Trudi Lorenti"

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