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Home India Stamp-ID 3631

India Postage - Three Pies

India Postage - Three Pies003631

Additional Information: This stamp shows King Georges V
Country: India   [हिंदुस्तान]
Year: 1911 Printed value: 3 Ps
Found copies: 0 Found set items: 0
Stamp-ID: 003631 Stamp collection: OldStamps
Views: 6546 Comments 2
Info Links: About George V |
Related tags: Historical stamps | Society | People | Royal
Online since: 2014-11-26
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Comments (latest first)

granny012017-08-05 06:25:19 "I have a copy of this one. A 1953 estate from my grandfather."
yash66432015-11-11 05:18:21 "I have one of them it toren and is too too too rare stamp. What would be the value??"
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